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2019-05-07 06:40

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*** OCTOBER 5, 2015 *** FIRST AUDIOBOOK LISTEN *** upgrading this to four stars. rowling painstakingly and satisfyingly ties up the many, many threads of the HP series beautifully and meaningfully. and, what's more, her philosophy about love feels true and worthy and not preachy and shrill. good stuff. i still think it would have been more satisfying had she dropped well-placed hints or otherwise cultivated the ground for the Deathly Hallows more -- and surreptitiously -- throughout the first six books. it would have prevented the information/plot dump that marred elements of this book for me. *** APRIL 26, 2007 *** FIRST READ *** At long last, the final installment of the Harry Potter series quelled all speculation. That so many of us guessed the essential resolutions to book seven well in advance without ever being certain that we were right is an enormous tribute to the painstaking plot construction and internal coherence Rowling labored to achieve in the series. While this book wrapped up most of the loose ends that I needed to have wrapped up, my book club members put it best who asserted that the entire Deathly Hallows mini-arc was unnecessary, distracting, and ultimately cost Rowling a tighter novel. As with the tardy introduction of the horcruxes in book six, couldn't Rowling have referenced the epic Deathly Hallows lore elsewhere in the series? And as with Dumbledore in book six, Remus Lupin and Molly Weasley suffered moments of inexplicably incoherent character development (it's not that they couldn't have encountered the trials they did; it's that I feel their characters would have acted differently, based on the information we have from the previous six books). Because of such distracting flaws (problematic pacing throughout the first third of the series, sketchy editing throughout the first two-thirds of the series, and somewhat abrupt introduction of major themes in the last third of the series), I wonder how long Rowling's stories will endure beyond this initial period of rabid fan loyalty. That said, Harry has become a literary cultural icon, and I for one say Viva Jo! BONUS: IN WHICH I RANK THE HARRY POTTER BOOKS FROM MY FAVORITE TO LEAST-FAVORITE-BUT-AMAZING-NONETHELESS (subject to change at whim): 1. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire 2. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone 3. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban 4. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix 5. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince 6. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 7. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

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